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Biological Age Testing

Determine your Biological Age with a simple test

Fight Ageing with Analysis of your true age and supportive advice.

Future proof yourself by unlocking insights into your biological age and pave the way to a healthier future. Understanding the link between inflammation and ageing is crucial.  Elevated biological age,  may be associated with increased levels of inflammation within the body. Analysis of glycans is a cutting edge method to provide insight into true biological age.  By assessing specific glycan patterns, this testing aims to offer a more accurate reflection of the body's ageing process compared to chronological age.

Initial Consultation: £80

Testing from: £244

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Just a quick simple test enables this analysis of levels of inflammation within your body and individual susceptibilty to specific chronic illnesses associated with ageing.


Raised inflammation levels in the body are often linked to an increased risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.  Assessing and addressing these levels are crucial for maintaining overall health.

Glycanage testing provides valuable insights into individualised markers of inflammation, allowing for a targeted intervention approach.  By understanding one's unique glycan profile, personalised strategies can be implemented to reduce inflammation and mitigate the risk of chronic diseases.

This tailored approach, guided by glycanage testing, empowers individuals to make informed lifestyle choices, including dietary adjustments and stress management, fostering a proactive stance in promoting long-term wellbeing.

Where can you find me?

This treatment is available at Ridge Dental

86 Firgrove Crescent, Yate, South Gloucestershire BS37 7AG

Call: 01454 313 189


This treatment may not be appropriate for every patient and it is conditional on a satisfactory assessment being carried out. Many cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and chemical peels and non-surgical rhinoplasty etc require that you are medically fit prior to embarking on treatment and this may mean that other treatments need to be carried out first.

All options that are appropriate to your needs and requirements will be discussed with you in order to help you to make an informed decision about what will be in your best interest.

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