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What To Expect

Your initial dental consultation with Dr Kathryn Bell in Yate near Bristol, allows a thorough assessment and discussion with you in order to plan treatment based on your existing dental health and desired result.

The dental consultation will involve a very thorough in-depth discussion and examination which involves a 15 point dental health check:

  1. Detailed questions about your dental health and any existing issues

  2. Medical Health review

  3. Review of smoking and alcohol habits

  4. Discussion of oral hygiene habits

  5. Diet review

  6. Screening for teeth clenching/grinding

  7. Jaw joint examination

  8. External soft tissue screening of the head and neck

  9. Internal soft tissue screening of the mouth and pharynx

  10. Muscle review

  11. Assessment of teeth position

  12. Gum Health Examination

  13. Dental Decay and non-carious tooth surface loss screening

  14. Assessment of existing treatments

  15. Perform any necessary x-rays

Dr Kathryn Bell Dentistry Consultation

Where are consultations held?

Ridge Dental

86 Firgrove Crescent, Yate, South Gloucestershire, BS37 7AG

Dr Kathryn Bell Dentistry Consultation

This appointment provides an opportunity for you to discuss with Kathryn any worries, concerns, or other barriers that you may have with regards to pursuing dental treatment.

Kathryn truly believes that it doesn't matter how long it is since you last had a dental appointment because the important thing is that when you are in the dental chair, you have taken the first step in committing to getting your dental health back on track.

She also believes that the mouth is inextricably linked to general health and working with you to obtain improvements in your oral health will mean that your overall health will also be enhanced as a result.  However, health is not merely an absence of disease, and having seen many people transform their confidence levels with the improvement of the appearance of their teeth, Kathryn knows the impact that a great smile can have on psychosocial health and wellbeing as well.

"Healthy Mouth = Happy Smile"

So whether you are looking to improve the health of your mouth or would like to enhance the appearance of your smile, Kathryn is here to help and happy to guide you along the journey.

"Improve the health of your mouth and enhance the appearance of your smile"

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