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Face Treatments


Cheek Contouring

By restoring lost volume in the cheek area, a contouring effect is achieved with a visible lift to the cheekbones and a reduction to the associated lines and wrinkles which leads to a more youthful appearance.


Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

The non-surgical rhinoplasty can reshape and recontour your nose without the need for surgery.  This reversible, minimally invasive procedure takes just minutes to carry out and the results can last for up to 12-18 months.


8 Point Face Lift

The 8 point facelift, also known as a non-surgical facelift involves the placement of dermal filler at precise points to optimise a rejuvenated appearance. 


Jawline Contouring

Jawline sculpting using dermal fillers can add symmetry and restore definition to your lower face and camouflage double chins. Dermal fillers are an effective and reliable method of temporarily adding definition to the jawline.


Filler Reversal Treatment

If you have had fillers placed but aren't happy with the results then you may wish to consider having your treatment reversed. 


Jawline Slimming

Teeth grinding is a relatively common problem and can cause significant discomfort and distress to many people.  For the majority of people teeth grinding, also known as bruxism occurs at night, meaning they have little control over it.

I love my lips!! I am never going to anyone else to get them done.
It was painless and I had no swelling afterwards!!

- Leanne M

I never dared to go out without makeup before, now I have had profhilo I keep getting compliments about how fresh-faced I look!

- Sally H

I just wanted to say a big thank you for making my treatment as painless as possible.  I'm absolutely delighted with the fillers!

- Mrs K

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