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You Need To Know Why Dentists Are A Great Choice for your Aesthetics Treatments

You've been thinking about having some fillers placed for awhile but are feeling overwhelmed by the number of different professionals who provide these treatments. How do you make a decision about where to go for your lines and wrinkles to be softened? Here I will state the case for why dentists are an excellent person to go to for these treatments.

Read on to find out 8 great reasons why you should choose a dentist for your next Facial Aesthetics treatment.

1. Extensive Training

Dentists spend 5 years at University to obtain their dental degree and follow this with another year in a supervised clinical position .A large part of our training involves the in-depth study and understanding of facial anatomy including bone, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. We are required to stay up to date with our knowledge throughout our career to maintain our professional regulation

2. Follow a Medical Model

Dentists follow a medical model for providing treatment. This requires understanding underlying issues and complaints in order to make a diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment. We are also trained to be able to recognise when treatment is beyond the level of our expertise and to refer when necessary.

3. Existing Skills in Aesthetics

A huge part of our job is to recognise and work to the natural anatomical proportions of the face and teeth to maintain balance and harmony.

This is particularly true of dentists trained to carry our orthodontic treatment who have undergone specific training in the analysis of underlying support structures of the face and jaw.

4. CQC registration

All dental practices are required to be registered with the Care Quality Commission and some aesthetics clinics choose to be. The CQC is an independent regulator of health and social care services in England. Registration means that high standards are in effect to maximise patient care and safety

5. Attention to Detail

We spend a lot of our day paying attention to the tiniest details of teeth, where fractions of a millimetre can mean the difference for a successful outcome of treatment. This same attention to detail is applied to our aesthetics treatments.

6. Professional Code of Conduct

Dentists pride themselves in their professional integrity. We have a professional code of conduct we must adhere to in order to put the interests and safety of our patients first.

This forms part of our regulation and professional registration with the General Dental Council and is applicable to any treatments we offer, including aesthetics.

7. Evidence Based Practice

Dentists are trained to analyse the latest research, use critical thinking and assess available evidence in order to provide the best possible treatment. This means we prioritise the use of high quality materials with a long safety record. it is important to provide treatments that have clinical backing.

8. Prescribers

Dentists are able to prescribe medication on a private basis as long as they are appropriately trained and insured to do so. This means that in the very rare instance of an adverse event we can prescribe appropriate treatment so that you can be followed up safely by the person who treated you.

9. Gentle Treatment

We know you're nervous, we deal with nervous patients all day long. We are friendly and helpful professionals who treat patient care with the utmost importance. Placing injections is a huge part of our day to day work and we know how to administer them in a comfortable way.

We want to do the best for you and give you the best possible treatment for your needs.

What do you think?

Would you consider a dentist for your next facial aesthetics treatment?

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