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LED Light Therapy: Does It Really Work?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Many celebs swear by it and interest in light therapy has been increasing in a big way recently. Some might even say that a new trend for this treatment is developing. With good reason! It's safe, non-invasive with no downtime, and has a huge potential for transforming your skin. It's no wonder that LED mask selfies are appearing everywhere...after all, if you don't share it, did it even happen???

How does LED light therapy work?

The fascinating thing about LED light therapy is that NASA initially discovered the healing and rejuvenating properties of LED light therapy when they realised that it can aid in repairing wounded skin. This led to further investigation and it was discovered that in fact, LED light therapy is incredibly beneficial and can treat a range of skin concerns, including acne, discolouration, fine lines and wrinkles.

You are probably wondering, how on earth can light be beneficial for your skin?

Well, we all know the damaging effects of UV rays which form part of the light spectrum. So, here’s the science: Artificial LED lights send waves of light deep into the skin’s epidermis, and depending which colour light is used a different reaction will be evoked, providing various therapeutical benefits.

The WOW LED light treatment

The WOW LED light mask is available as an add-on to your WOWfusion® treatment. Directly after the WOW fusion® treatment (microneedling with mesotherapy), the LED mask is used to activate the healing process through stimulation to produce more collagen and improve the blood flow with professional strength blue, red, and green LED lights.

Each light is used to treat a specific skin concern however, the different light used in this therapy can be combined to give optimal results.

  • The red light promotes circulation and targets the reticular dermis to stimulate fibroblasts so is great for anti-ageing and management of inflammation

  • The blue light kills acne bacteria, making it perfect for acne prevention.

  • The green light targets the base of the epidermis and improves pigmentation.

LED light therapy treatments usually last around 20 minutes and are completely non-invasive: the lights produce a little heat, although there is no burning or damaging of the skin whatsoever, the sensation is actually rather pleasant. There’s no limit to the number of LED light therapy treatments you can have- it is usually suggested for once a month.

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