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Could Oil be The Secret to Great Skin??

It may seem strange as the idea of putting oils on your skin can be slightly frightening especially for those with oily skin. However if we look at historic times, oils such as argan, olive, and almond oil were THE skincare secret. According to recent studies, oils could be the missing ingredients in our daily beauty routine. Having said this, it is very important to know which facial oils are safe for everyone to use and what their functions are.

What do oils do?

Oils as cleansers.

In the same way that your skin secretes oil in order to cleanse itself, you can also use oil to remove dirt and dead skin cells. Oil can also be used to remove make-up from the skin

Oils as nourishers.

High-quality oils are full of nutrients and fatty acids to feed and protect the skin from free radicals.

Oils as enrichers.

If you have sensitive or sensitised skin, it may be that the skin has been stripped or deprived of the nutrients that it needs to be healthy as a function of oils is to help the skin to hold in moisture

Who benefits from using facial oils?

Guess what? Everyone does! The sebaceous glands (oil-producing glands) in our skin naturally produce oils for many beneficial reasons. These oils lubricate, moisturise our skin and keep the skin from drying out and aging too fast. It is very important that our skin is properly moisturised in order for it to function optimally. Many moisturisers contain additives and preservatives, chemicals and fragrances – this is not common knowledge to all. Moisturisers can contain harmful additives and preservatives, chemicals and fragrances and this is not common knowledge to all. Pure plant oils, on the other hand, don’t have these harmful substances, therefore people with sensitive skin could find relief with a facial oil.

Oil + Oil = Chronic Acne?

The exact opposite may be true!

Plant- based oils are the least likely oils to clog your pores and less likely to exaggerate breakouts. Depriving the skin of its natural oils causes the skin to lose hydration and therefore overcompensate for the lack of nourishment to skin. Also, the more hydrated the skin is, the better the scarred tissue on the skin caused by acne will repair. If your skin is particularly dry, rich oils are ideal. In cold winter months, when nothing is nourishing enough, try layering an oil on top of your regular lotion or moisturizer for the ultimate moisture-locking effect.

A pHabulous solution!

The SOS rescue oil is a dual-phase unique combination of oil blends and naturally sourced active ingredients, and offers the skin a healthy glow and youthful look. Collagen production is improved which assists in a softer appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; while visibly firming the skin, and providing a natural barrier of protection for the skin. It is recommended for all skin types and skin tones, from dry to very sensitive at any age. Understanding the dual-phase of the SOS rescue oil and its benefits: The SOS rescue oil consists of an oil phase and a water phase. When oil based active ingredients and water based active ingredients emulsify, they create a chemical bond. That bond, is what results in how the formulation delivers the restoration of your skin. Oil phase • Argan Oil – a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent damage caused by sun exposure. • Jojoba Oil – an excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. • Olive Oil – moisturising properties essential for dehydrated skin. • Sesame Oil – an essential ingredient for skin rejuvenation. • Sweet Almond Oil – antioxidant, calms the skin from irritation whilst moisturising the skin, and contains healing properties. Water phase • Alpinia Galanga Leaf Extract – an antioxidant extract which promotes hydration in the skin • Acetyl Hexapeptide 8 – a revolutionary peptide which promotes the modulation of muscle contraction as it prevents a release of neurotransmitters (Acetylcholine) which weakens muscle contraction. It assists in softening wrinkles and expression lines. No matter what your skin concern, the pHformula SOS rescue oil will increase collagen production and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and provide a natural barrier protection for the skin resulting in a dewy and fresher looking skin. Remember to shake it before you apply 3-5 drops over the face and neck area in the morning and evening. You can even massage the formula into your hair, cuticles and other dry or dehydrated areas of the body.

Elixir - Radiance Boosting Omega Oil

From rosacea, to acne or eczema prone, dry or mature skin this is a notorious skin-soother bursting with fatty acids and antioxidants to intensely moisturise and nourish. This oil has been perfectly formulated to match optimum levels of essential fatty acids our skin has at the age of 22. Deeply nourishing and firming it's enriched with plant oils to give complexions a huge radiance boost.

Nourishing Antioxidant dense and nurturing moringa, plum kernal, kiwi seed and pomegranate seed oils leave skin feeling moisturised and super soft.

Youth Enhancing Organic Rosehip oil is known for its brightening, evening and collagen, elastic boosting benefits.

Rejuvenating Vitamin E and Omega 3, 6, 9 provide skin with the perfect balance of nutrients for healthy skin.

Super Greens - nutrient boost oil

This fast-absorbing lightweight oil is perfect for blemish-prone and oily skin types and works just as well for dry, sensitive, and redness-prone skin too. It works to support the skin's natural defences with a potent blend of antioxidant-rich greens from natural sources.

Protecting Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Kale and Broccoli seed oils are rich in antioxidants and work to fight against free radicals to offer protection against skin degenerating free radicals.

Soothing Maca root, sea buckthorn and Green coffee oil deliver essential fatty acids to the skin whilst their anti-inflammatory properties calm and soothe. Olive Squalane soothes and softens and is quickly absorbed, acting as an ideal carrier for the other ingredients.

Repairing Tamanu Oil has anti-inflammatory and healing properties to aid scar regeneration while marula oil deeply nourishes without clogging pores.

To find out which oil would suit you and your skin best, get in touch to arrange your virtual consultation!

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