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This Weird Trick Will Help You To Sleep Better and improve your Health

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

As newborns, we do not breathe through our mouth at all unless there is a nasal obstruction. Mouthbreathing only develops when we are around 3-4 months old, however it is not common in infanthood. The likelihood of mouth breathing increases as we age, especially at night and it is common amongst the elderly.

Baby Sleeping with a smile

Why is this a problem?

Humans are designed to breathe through their noses. The nose acts as a filtration system, warms the air we breathe and we are able to absorb more oxygen into our cells when breathing through our nose. Mouth breathing has been associated with a number of issues such as dry mouth, bad breath, increased gum disease, and increased dental decay.

What about at night?

Mouth breathing at night can be particularly problematic and is commonly associated with snoring and sleep apnoea. It can also be a significant factor in grinding your teeth. I know that seems strange because if your mouth is open how can you grind your teeth?

It is all to do with sleep cycles. In deeper sleep, you are likely to be mouth breathing which can lead to more episodes of lighter sleep which is when you will be grinding your teeth.

Snoring Keeping Wife Awake

What can I do about it?

There is a simple solution that may mean you not only stop snoring and grinding your teeth but that you get a better night's sleep as a result too!

Now for some people, it isn't this simple, and other treatment may be needed to deal with an underlying issue. You DEFINITELY shouldn't try this if you have a chronic nasal obstruction such as a deviated septum and struggle to breathe through your nose (although if this is the case it may be worth getting a medical consultation and consider having it treated)

Just tell me already!

Okay, so hear me out here!

I recommend that you try mouth taping at night.

No!! I don't mean gaffe tape across your mouth. Nothing that drastic. There are several different ways of doing this but one of the most effective and easy to tolerate ways is with a product called myotape. I recommend this product all the time to people for a variety of different reasons.

You can get myotape here:

Myotape Mouth Tape

Benefits of Mouth Taping at Night

Some of the benefits of taping your mouth at night include:

  • reduces nocturnal waking

  • improves sleep quality

  • humidifies and warms inhaled air

  • increases oxygen uptake by cells

  • can improve lung volume

  • lowers the risk of allergies and hay fever

  • aids the immune system

  • lowers your risk of snoring and sleep apnoea

At £19.95 for 90 strips, it's worth giving it a go to see if this simple solution can help you! You can find out more about the management of snoring and sleep apnoea HERE


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