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Is Cosmetic Dentistry for me?

Would you love to improve your smile, but don’t think cosmetic dentistry is for people ‘like you’?

Cosmetic dentistry is more than the too white, often unnatural smiles we see on TV and social media. For many patients, this is exactly what they don’t want.

Teeth Whitening Results

We all know about things like tooth whitening. But there are other simple procedures to close up gaps and reshape the teeth. For example, composite bonding. This is where a material is applied to the teeth to repair defects or correct shape. These defects could be anything from chips to uneven edges. Composite bonding can be delivered on a single tooth or multiple. Other types of cosmetic dentistry that may be of interest include dental implants – which are the modern alternative to removable dentures. They can also replace one or several teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry today means leaving the dental practice still looking like you – just the best version of you! It will not be obvious that you have had work done. Instead, people will tell you that you look amazing, and then ask what your secret is.

This is called ethical dentistry, and it is absolutely for people like you. It is for people who care about their oral health and who want to improve their smile. It is for those who appreciate the wide-ranging benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile.

Why should I choose you for my cosmetic dentistry?

I believe in only delivering a treatment if it is in my patient's best interests. My patients are at the forefront of all of their care. The treatment plan will be tailored to you and your needs, as well as your lifestyle. I use care and precision in my treatments, to ensure the least possible amount of disruption to the natural, healthy tissue.

I also offer procedures that are designed to provide a result that will remain stable for many years, with correct maintenance (and I will support you with that, too!). This means it is a good-value option.

If you are still daunted by the idea of cosmetic dentistry, then I am happy to answer all your questions. As a member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) I am part of an academy of highly-skilled, knowledgeable clinicians who have trained at the top level. Ethics is at the heart of the BACD’s approach, so all patients get the very best care that is safe as well as stunning.

Cosmetic dentistry can be life-changing. My patients tell me how their confidence and mental well-being is transformed. They see amazing benefits to their work, social and personal lives too.

Why not talk to me about something you would like to change about your smile, so we can discuss your options. Start your journey with us, and see why cosmetic dentistry is for people like you.

You can start here to find out more Cosmetic Dentistry.

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